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“This program has been nothing less than amazing for my little guy. We started in the fall when he was 3.5 and not only can he recognize both upper and lower case letters but he can tell me almost every single letter sound and is starting to sound out short words (example- he read egg at breakfast today!). Ms. Maryann is unbelievable with the kids. The amount of respect and adoration they have for her is so obvious, which is no surprise, because her warmth and intelligence is evident from the second you meet her. The activities she does during their session are creative and engaging. They do scavenger hunts, and doing the homework each week has been something we both look forward to doing together. He loves showing off what he knows as it’s a review of what they just did that week. His confidence is soaring - so much so that I had to reign it in - he tells his teacher preschool teacher “he already knows that” a little bit too often 🙈. Worth every penny and wish that a structure like this could be available to every preschool age kid. They are sponges right now and watching my child reach his learning potential has been so rewarding as a parent!” 

My recently turned 4-year-old twin boys go to Super Learners and I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever done for them. I have been blown away by not only their knowledge and comprehension of letters and sounds but also on their excitement and pure joy at learning. Ms. Maryann, the teacher, makes it so fun for them that they beg to go every day when they wake up. When we started in September, our letter identification was low and not by my own lack of trying. Now 5 months in, we are identifying almost every big and small letter immediately along with the sound. My boys can also take an object they see and tell me what letters they hear in it and are starting to try sight words. Above anything I had wanted the class to give my boys confidence in themselves and their own abilities and to teach them to love to learn and my expectations have been met ten fold. I can not recommend this program enough.”

"My son started reading classes with Maryann right after his 3rd birthday and within the first couple of sessions we saw a noticeable difference in his ability and interest in learning his letters and sounds. We continued him in Maryann's classes for the year, and by the end of the year, he had a strong reading foundation, confidence in himself, and the ability to sound out and read words! Maryann makes reading fun for kids. She has an intuitive understanding of early childhood learning. Her classes have been an fantastic experience for our son and we still can't drive past her street without him asking if he could go visit her!"

"Maryann was instrumental in my son's tutoring for Kindergarten readiness.  She was able to fine tune the instruction to his needs, specifically adding in fine motor finesse and teaching him the way he needed it.  Each week my son looked forward to attending her class, came home with thoughtful completed work and related homework for the next week.  Because Maryann made learning fun, he showed vast improvement and progressed exceptionally after each week with her.  I would highly recommend Maryann to anyone looking to elevate their preschooler's skillset to the next level. " 

"My first grader began working with Maryann when she was showing signs that she was struggling with reading.  We made the decision to send our then four-year-old for weekly classes as well.  Not only did my daughter become a stronger reader, but through weekly classes, my son entered kindergarten reading!  Both of my kids looked forward to Maryann's fun, upbeat lessons.  It was amazing to see the world of reading open up to our kids right before our eyes.  My son is now about half way through kindergarten and is at the 97% in reading which I credit to Maryann. He is reading well above grade-level.  My youngest will be following in her siblings' path this fall as she begins her weekly lessons.  I can't wait to watch the magical world of reading open up to her as well.  I can't say enough great things about Maryann and am so grateful for her helping to instill the love of reading in my children."

My daughter has been in the 3-year-old class since this past September, and we absolutely love it. 
Ms. Maryann uses such creative and fun ways of teaching the kids. My daughter loves going to class and I have already seen amazing results from it. I personally like the small class structure that allows 1-on-1 learning during part of the class. I cannot say enough great things about Super Learners!

We absolutely love Super Learners! The curriculum is challenging, the activities are engaging, and my son adores Ms. Maryann! She provides parents with feedback on an ongoing basis and keeps us informed while also offering valuable reinforcement opportunities at home on a weekly basis. The small class sizes allow for individualized attention that my son might not always be able to receive in his much larger preschool class.

My 4-, now 5-year-old, has been going since September. I liked her so much in the first 2 weeks that I recommended it to a friend, who signed up her then 4-, now 5-year-old, as well. My little one loves going both days! Ms. Maryann loves what she does, and it shows! My daughter loves practicing her sight words and I love seeing how much she has grown and learned! I can not say enough great things about Super Learners. I will be signing my will be 3-year-old up for next year and plan to also send their little sister when she is 3!

I signed up my half-day kindergartener as a way to fill up her day and help her keep up with her full-day peers. She is reading all sorts of sight words, drawing pictures, and writing short sentences about them. Above all, I can see a confidence in her associated with her new skills of sounding out and writing words. Maryann is SO great with the kids and SO engaging, the kids LOVE her. Finding and signing up for this class was a big win for my daughter!!

We love it!! Ms Maryann is fantastic and my daughter loves the program. We are thrilled with the curriculum and progress our daughter is making!

We LOVE Super Readers and Super Mathletes!! My 3-year-old daughter started this year and loves it! We are definitely signing up again next year for both math and reading. Maryann is wonderful! Would definitely recommend!

I have had both of my children in the program and it’s wonderful! They were excited to go learn and even to do their homework. Both made great strides in their abilities to recognize letters, sound out words, and read! It’s a great local resource and Maryann truly cares about each child’s development.

My 4-year-old daughter has been in the program for 6 months and I’m truly amazed at how well she is progressing, leaning, and developing. As a parent, it is one of the greatest gifts to watch your child learn to read and to know she will enter kindergarten already mastering these skills. Ms. Maryann is absolutely the best teacher. She is so wonderful with the kids and is so creative and experienced with fun, engaging, outstanding curriculum. My daughter truly looks forward to her Tuesday sessions. Definitely give it a try - you will be glad you did!