"My first grader began working with Maryann when she was showing signs that she was struggling with reading.  We made the decision to send our then four-year-old for weekly classes as well.  Not only did my daughter become a stronger reader, but through weekly classes, my son entered kindergarten reading!  Both of my kids looked forward to Maryann's fun, upbeat lessons.  It was amazing to see the world of reading open up to our kids right before our eyes.  My son is now about half way through kindergarten and is at the 97% in reading which I credit to Maryann. He is reading well above grade-level.  My youngest will be following in her siblings' path this fall as she begins her weekly lessons.  I can't wait to watch the magical world of reading open up to her as well.  I can't say enough great things about Maryann and am so grateful for her helping to instill the love of reading in my children."

Nicole O.


"My son started reading classes with Maryann right after his 3rd birthday and within the first couple of sessions we saw a noticeable difference in his ability and interest in learning his letters and sounds. We continued him in Maryann's classes for the year, and by the end of the year, he had a strong reading foundation, confidence in himself, and the ability to sound out and read words! Maryann makes reading fun for kids. She has an intuitive understanding of early childhood learning. Her classes have been an fantastic experience for our son and we still can't drive past her street without him asking if he could go visit her!"

Aisling G.


"Maryann was instrumental in my son's tutoring for Kindergarten readiness.  She was able to fine tune the instruction to his needs, specifically adding in fine motor finesse and teaching him the way he needed it.  Each week my son looked forward to attending her class, came home with thoughtful completed work and related homework for the next week.  Because Maryann made learning fun, he showed vast improvement and progressed exceptionally after each week with her.  I would highly recommend Maryann to anyone looking to elevate their preschooler's skillset to the next level. " 

Lauren L.